Kerala Treehouse, Ecolodge, Green Magic Nature Resort of Tourindia
Green Magic Nature Resort in Wayanad, Kerala with Treehouses in Kerala and Ecolodges
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Green Magic Nature Resort is a unique Nature Resort with Treehouses in Kerala, Rainforest Ecolodges and Cave Houses at Kalladi, Meppadi in Wayanad, Kerala. Pristine verdant tropical rainforest of Kerala !

A totally dedicated Ecolodge in Kerala, Cave House in Kerala and Treehouses in Kerala - ethnic houses built on trees with all basic facilities.  Access to the Treehouse (60 feet above from the ground level) by an indigenous cane lift is worked by a unique counter weight of water.

A unique opportunity to enjoy the nature in most pristine way with the stay at Treehouses, Kerala

We have three different Treehouses in the Green Magic Nature Resort located at in the 30 acres of the tropical rain forest area.  Treehouses, Kerala are built on top of the ficus trees at an altitude of 60 feet from the ground level and the access to the first Treehouse is through a water-lift.  This is located near to our ecolodges and food court.   The second Treehouse is 05 minutes walk away from the first one at al altitude of 70 feet from the ground level and bordering the thick forest on threes sides and access to second Treehouse is throughy by a rope-walk way kept in an angle.  The third Treehouse is the tallest Kerala Treehouse in the world with a height of 115 feet from the ground, which is also having 02 rooms with separate entrances, which is meant for family. The access to the third Treehouse is through two hanging bridges.  

The Green Magic Nature Resort is located at an elevation of 4,000 feet from sea level. The Treehouse is designed using ethnic materials with Bamboo poles, Bamboo mats, Coir etc... The rooms are well designed for a comfortable stay in an ethnic way. The rooms have attached ceramic tiled bathroom with running water.  All the facilities are created with special attention to ecotourism.

One can experience the different moods of nature, the misty winds, golden sunshine, the gurgling water, the magic of the monsoon, the magnificence of various birds and butterflies and the occasional sightings of wildlife.One can watch the first rays of the sun filtering through the tree leaves.

Under the shadow of the verdant forest amidst the fragrance of a thousand scents, where time moves according to the ancient rhythms. Where you will learn the art of living in an easy going way, gentle relaxed and care free, avoiding the hurry burry of modern living.

Double beds with an attached bathroom with flushing toilette, telephone shower, wash basin with running water, carpeted veranda and sit-out. The Treehouses are made of Eco-friendly materials.

Food is prepared from fruits and vegetables grown in the organic farm without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Bio-Toilette with Flush, Telephonic shower, Wash Basin built on ceramic tile floor

Where nature has been blissfully preserved, spared of devastating urbanization. Its natural beauty kept intact, its natural springs not polluted.

Its emerald forest afire with scented blossoms, a hundred varieties of tree ferns, mosses and flowering plants, flamboyant colored butterflies and birds.

Location of Kerala Treehouse:
Just 2 hours & 30 mins drive away from Calicut [Kozhikode], enroute Bangalore, Ooty, Mysore at an altitude between 3750 feet & 4500 feet.

Come and listen to the heartbeat of tropical rain forests, its rhythms and its many faces - the misty mountain, sparkling waters, gurgling streams, bright sunshine, cool shadows, thundering showers and magical monsoon.

You do not need alcoholic drink to get intoxicated once you enter the Green Magic Nature Resort, you are imbibing the positive energy from the area and automatically get intoxicated with the aroma and forest scents of the wild flowers. Moreover artificial intoxication may make you feel like a bird and try to fly out of the tall Treehouses.

Cooking Classes:
In our Green Magic Nature Resort, Treehouse, Ecolodge, we offer cooking classes in the food court for visitors at a nominal fee. By which you can make a few Kerala dishes and copy a few recipe from the master chef.

Cave House, Kerala is the unique way to experience the lullabies of our mother nature. You can smell, touch & taste this virgin land. The Cave House is created on a natural cave without causing any damages to the natural cave. There are all basic amenities on the cave with Double beds with an attached bathroom with flushing toilette, telephone shower, wash basin with running water, where one can relive the way our ancestors lived, which now can be seen only in the history books.

Cuisine:North Kerala has an ancient and varied cuisine with contrasting tastes, some of which are influenced by Arabic traditions because of the ancient trade links.  In the Green Magic Nature Resort the food court and the eatery has all the transparency and interactiveness. Most of the activities can be seen by the visitors. Menu is not complicated. The vegetables and fruits are grown in the organic farm without any pesticides or chemical manure.

The aroma of spices from the kitchen stimulates the intestine to secrete the right gastric juices. The traditional and authentic Kerala delicacies usually served on banana leaves without forks and knives leads you to a finger licking experience. We do not serve meat in the Green Magic as there are ample source of fresh vegetables and fruits. We do not serve any bottled drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi. Only fresh fruit juices prepared right in front of you without any artificial colour. We do not provide you with mineral water in plastic bottles. The mineral rich spring water is filtered by reverse osmosis and ultra fine ceramic filters. We do not serve alcoholic drinks in the resort as the air itself is pinted with forest scent. We do not provide television sets and piped in music or even daily news papers.

Only you need open ears to hear the melodious songs of the hundreds of birds and other animals around It is mandatory to plant a sapling by all visitors to support our conservation programme.

Come and watch the rich bio-diversity of flora and fauna The Kerala Treehouses, Kerala Ecolodges in Green Magic Nature Resort, Kerala

Feel the incredible harmony of nature whispering across your heart.

Energy Source:

Mostly non-pollution; renewable energy alone is used in Green Magic Nature Resort, Wayanad, Kerala to maintain the pristine nature at the land. The energy source is a unique combination of Solar energy, Gober gas from cow dung & kitchen waste and Hurricane lamps with kerosene. Avoiding the conventional electricity and power from diesel generators, thus preventing air pollution and noise pollution. In addition, we generate our own electricity with the help of water source from up the mountain. Water is brought down by high density pipes and send through a fine jet to turn a turbine with a dynamo and electricity is made and stored in batteries for limited use.


The Treehouses and Ecolodges in Green Magic Nature Resort, Kerala is designed with ethnic materials using local craftsmen, local materials and indigenous techniques used by the early inhabitants.  The tribals are extensively involved with the construction and maintenance of the Nature Resort.

Sightseeing Possibilities in Treehouse resort, Kerala:

There lot of sightseeing possiblities are available there and around. From our nature resort, one can visit the rock carvings of Edakkal caves, which is one among the unique prehistoric visual painting graphic signs in the world. One can visit Soochippara water falls - the stretches of waterfalls ranging at places from 100 to 300 feet height is a treat to your eyes.

Visitors may choose to explore a number of walking trails, each promising a different adventure.
These trails are made carefully so as not to disturb the surroundings. The choice is wide from climbing to hiking across places of exceptional beauty observing indigenous fauna or exuberant vegetation.

The abundance of flora and fauna which can be found amidst the landscape is characterised by its great bio-diversity. As you wander through the forest following its natural pathways, which leads you to charming beauty spots, view points with spectacular view of the valley below. You will be amazed by wonderful indigenous plants which emerges with every step you take and perhaps by the swift flight of birds and butterflies.
Transport and other tour arrangements:

Tourindia is a full-fledged tour operator in Kerala and travel agent in Kerala, offers tailor-made holidays in Kerala and South India. Tourindia can arrange your whole trip to India, including all accommodation, all transfers, sightseeings, excursions, flight and train reservations etc.... Tourindia is also pioneers in backwater tourism, who introduced the first Houseboat in Kerala backwaters. Later Tourindia created the first Treehouse resort in Wayanad in north Kerala, which Green Magic Nature Resort.

We invite you to the Green Magic Nature Resort, Kerala with Treehouses and Ecolodges Come to our Resort now before they spread the word and you have to face a line.