• A quarter century of experience, expertise and a global network of    contacts.
• Creators of the renowned Kettuvallam Houseboats - the mascot of    backwater tourism in Kerala. In 1991 there were only two boats, now    Kerala has above 500 Houseboats.
• Now generating waves over the vast expanse of backwaters in God’s    Own Country.
• Heralded in the Treehouses and Eco-lodges that take you back to nature,    back to your roots, where you belong.
• And now, India's first ever Cave-House with all basic facilities for    comfortable living.

                                                                 Meet tourindia

A group of young enthusiasts about 36 years go bitten by passion for creativity, eager and willing to experiment, to provide a new and different dimension to tourism as a viable economic activity and a challenging way of life started Tourindia at that time people has not thought of tourism as major portfolio.

We prefer to call ourselves a small, specialist tour operator, who prefer to count our guests by the hundreds than in thousands. It is by our own choice that we stay small. This way, we get to know most of our clients by their first names. More important, it gives us the opportunity to provide personalized services to the visitors, something our bigger competitors are quite incapable of.

We do not fit into any mould. We always brake the mould. Creativity is our inherent madness.

• We want to be different
• We want to be remembered
• We aim for excellence
• We are not satisfied being just good
• We want to be the best
• Our policy, which has become our hall-mark, is "welcome a tourist and send back a friend

Our Team

A group of fired up professionals – 36 years of experience in tourism and hospitality industry with devotion, dedication and determination. Our expertise embrace various levels of tourism. Among us are some of the best minds in the industry, capable of conceiving, developing and executing new tourism products. Brilliant examples like the Kettuvallam Houseboats of Kerala and the Treehouses of Green Magic Nature Resort 2. Products that have won international acclaim and coveted awards over the past years. Now introduce the Cave-House.

Chances are you will spot one from our team at major travel markets of global nature such as the ITB of Berlin, WTM of London, ATM of Dubai, EIBTM of Switzerland, BITS of Milan, PATA Mart of Singapore, ATM of Orlando or the ATM of Johannesburg. We are there, where the cream of the industry and trade converge for that essential give and take, which tourism marketing is all about. Direct marketing at international meets is one of our strong points.

Our Guides:

You will be surprised to hear our tour guides, speaking fluently in the mother tongue of the guests – English, German or French. They know the details of each and every location in South India as the back of their palms.

Our Products:

We were the first to look at the idyllic backwaters of Kerala as a potential vista of immense possibilities. To tap their richness for tourists without endangering their fragile eco-system, we brought back from a bygone era, the Kettuvallam Riceboat - the cargo vessel of ancient Kerala and re-designed it into the Houseboats for modern era. The world of tourism sat up and took notice as the first Kettuvallam Houseboat was launched in Alumkadavu, Central Kerala in 1991.

Today, the success story is being repeated by many entrepreneurs, who have followed us and operate Houseboats independently. These include the KTDC and the Taj & Casino Group of Hotels.

The development of nature resorts in Kerala -The Treehouses & Rain Forest eco-lodges in Green Magic Nature Resort was India's first eco-tourism product. Again, we were among the first to take notice of the importance that eco-tourism has been gaining globally. A natural thing. Our web of contacts with the tourism trends internationally, have always give us such insights to act upon. Thus came about Treehouses, our now so sought after scheme to take you closer to nature.

The Periyar Tiger Trail Programme - a genuine ecotourism product, a protection oriented Adventurous Trekking and Camping Programme, in association with Kerala Forest Authority.

We are now the exclusive promoters of this protection oriented adventurous trekking and camping programme, which was developed by Kerala Forest Authority as a participatory Ecotourism project with Ex-Vayana Bark Collectors Eco-Development Committee members.

The project is becoming an excellent idea because of the role played by the people involved, who were the Ex-poachers, who use to plunder the forests mainly cutting the Cinnamon barks. In due course, they were converted into forest conservation work under India Ecodevelopment program and now they are the Ecodevelopment committee members.

The trekking programme is opening an excellent opportunity for serious nature lovers, professional adventurers and trekkers to explore the largest & well-known Periyar Wildlife sanctuary encompassing more than 777 sq. Kms of diverse variety of forest and water bodies.

Our Green Magic Nature Resort at Vythiri was on leased land under BOT [Built, Operate & Transfer] basis. Our contact period is going expire in 2008 end, hence we have developed Green Magic Nature Resort 2 at Kalladi, 30 kms north, on the way to Soochippara Water falls, near Meppadi in our own 30 acres of raindforest area.

Where the creation of 3 more TreeHouses, 4 Ecolodges and a Cave-House having all basic facilities for comfortable living, which has been receiving serious nature lovers from November 2007 onwards.

The Cave-house is an excellent opportunity to be with mother nature. To encounter a life, which you can experience only in history books.