Achievements of Periyar Tiger trail

The achievement of the team is so remarkable that there is no occurrence of poaching cases in Periyar for the last 2 years.

Under the continuous efforts and monitoring of the officers of Periyar Tiger Reserve, the hard core eco - offenders who were a constant threat to the Periyar tiger reserve for the last two decades were brought to the main stream of the society.

The social ostracism to the former poachers was slowly removed and they are now role models in the local community. This role reversal' is preventing other habitual offenders form destroying the forest and to associate with conservation efforts. The family members of the former poachers now have a dignity in the local community. Thus the purpose of the India - eco development project in its full ambiance is blossoming in Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Another very important factor that the team members continue with their whole hearted efforts in the protection and management of Periyar Tiger Reserve, even after one of their members sacrificed his life in an encounter with a wild elephant. This is something quite unusual especially when it is coming from the 'so called uncivilized eco - offenders' who had only a short exposure to the cultured civilization.

The tiger trail programme should thus continue . . .

The goodness in these people should be supported at all costs.

We feel it is very important that your participation in the Tiger trail Programme, will decide the future of these people.

And the future of these beautiful stretch of the last remaining rain forests.

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